Garage Days revisited

I'm visiting family for the week and am lucky to continue my practice since there's a drum set at my brother's house. Housed in the garage, I've stepped out each morning with cup of coffee in hand and allotted for extra warmup time due to colder conditions.

I'm admittedly a softy, as I think I've demonstrated here in this blog. I get reminiscent of younger days and early years on the instrument. I do wish I had the discipline and focus that are emerging in my shed sessions since I've come back to drumming as an adult, but I have fond memories of garage days nonetheless, figuring out songs I saw on Headbanger's Ball or listened to in my brother's car. 

There were definitely times my drumset collected dust in a garage (out of sight out of mind). Days that turned into weeks which transformed into months into years.

It must be human nature, as the blog feels it's turning into that, something getting dusty in a digital garage, the ultimate in 21st century first world problems. But the problems still present themselves, movement on and away from the drumset and rhythmic puzzles that tease me daily.

The garage never goes away. It doesn't care how long you were away, just as long as eventually you get back to it to sift through the dust and get back to work.