I decided to teach drums in part to push my own drumming journey further.  Through my drum studies as an adult paired with my work as an occupational therapist, I realize drumming is a puzzle that I enjoy putting together - using movement, coordination, problem solving, memory, and patience.  

The expressive/artistic/therapeutic/physical benefits of drumming are well documented.  Folks of all ages and ability are welcome.

My drumming life has spanned over 20 years. I have studied with local and international instructors, including renowned online educator Mike Johnston (www.mikeslessons.com).  I have experience in my therapy life using rhythm/drumming with special needs populations and can support kids and adults with learning & physical disabilities get started on this frustrating and rewarding instrument.

I am currently accepting beginning to intermediate drummers to help them put their own rhythmic puzzles together.  This could include learning to play your favorite song or trying to get some basics down to join a band or having a creative outlet after a frustrating day at the office or school.   Curriculum is customized to help you achieve your goals. 

RATE: $100 per month for weekly half-hour lessons.

Contact information:
Teresa Esguerra